Procedure for getting the exact hail protection for your garden

The shades that hang over your garden protect the new delicate plants from getting damaged and the plants during the hot summer season. You can always buy commonly available materials like lattice sheet and other window. Your plants that require the sun need 30 percent shade coverage for their protection whereas the plants requiring shade need 50 percent shade coverage. Instead of buying the shade cloth, you can convert the hail protection net to provide shade to your garden.

Measurement for weed or hail protection net for your garden

Step one

Firstly, take a measurement of the total garden space. Now instead of covering it with a big shade, divide your garden into small sections and provide separate cover for each section. As an example, you can shade cover or four of your tomato plants and the second one for your lettuce plants.

Step two

Place the weed cloth on a hard surface and using a sharp scissor to cut it into pieces. This should be about 8 inches longer and wider than the area that you need to cover.

Step Three

Place a measurement tape on the weed cloth and leave 8 inches from the sides. Draw a line with a chalk along the straight line. Do these for all four side of the weed cloth until the time you have made a chalk square or a triangle with 8 inches of margin left on the sides

Hail protection

Before acquiring the anti-hail net, you must take the measurement of the field or garden where it will be placed.

Step four

Start cutting along the chalk lines on each side of the fabric with the help of a rotary cutter, which is commonly used for cutting fabric in. Do not cut completely through the end of the cloth. Start cutting from 8 inches on every side where the chalk marks meet at the ends along the sides.

Step Five

Take the measurement tape and align it with the chalk mark along one of the longer sides of the cloth. If you wish to use it for your shade loving plants, which need 50 percent shade coverage, cut directly from the end of the cloth to make the strip equivalent to the tape thickness. To provide 25 percent coverage flips the measurement tape once along the edge to double the strip thickness.

Step six

In order to remove the strip of the weed cloth cut with the chalk line from each end of the first cut. Take a scissor if you want better control while cutting the strip for shorter pieces of cloth. The removed strip should be twice the size of equivalent to the size of the measurement tape. Do not cut completely until the end of the fabric along the chalk line.

hail protection net

After measuring the field or the garden, the anti-hail net must be adjusted.

Step Seven

Align you measuring tape just at the back of the strip line in the open area from where the strip was cut. Draw a chalk like to the opposite end of the measurement tape.

Step Eight

Align the measurement stick with the new line. Now start cutting to the other end of the stick for sun-loving plants. In the case of providing more shade coverage, flip the measurement stick before cutting so that you can have a wider section of the strip. Cut it along the drawn line to the other of the cloth to remove the second piece.

Step nine

Now realign the measurement stick with the second cut edge in the open space. Draw a line with the edge to identify the strip of the cloth, which will remain on the fabric.

hail protection netting

The anti hail mesh is a good option because in addition to being resistant to hail, it prevents access to insects.

Step Ten

If required you should in enforce the remaining cloth in the fabric. Now cover each strip with a duct tape to protect the fabric from getting torn around its edges. This, however, may not be required, but some weed protecting clothes are very fragile and can get damaged easily.

Things That You Require

Measuring tape, Scissors, Yardstick, Chalk, Rotary cutters, Duct tape (optional), Stakes, Saw, and your hail protection net.


  • You can also cut much wider strips. The wider strips of the weed cloth would make the weed cloth less delicate and would allow even lesser sunlight distribution.
  • The shade cloths available at garden shops will offer as low as 10 to 67 percent of the shade coverage. You can always cut some more of the cloth strips to decrease the amount of shade coverage of you can leave a little more cloth to increase the shade coverage. It is not an easy task to get an accurate percentage of shade coverage.
field with anti-hail mesh

In addition to the anti-hail mesh, shade mesh can also be used.