Increased hailstorms due to extreme weather in Mexico


In the recent past we have seen an alarming amount of hailstorms in Mexico. This is mainly due to the extreme weather changes that have been present in the country in recent years. The increase in hailstorms has naturally been accompanied by more intense and frequent storms, which has undoubtedly caused great losses everywhere.

In Mexico, extreme weather has become increasingly common in recent years. This means both excessive rainfall and unbearable heat and even ice storms. This has been the trigger for the alarming number of hailstorms throughout the country. All of these factors are the result of ongoing environmental problems and climate changes, which have not been sufficiently controlled.

Each time we see Mexico’s whispering winter becoming more intense, with longer periods of rain and more intense thunderstorms. These conditions often manifest themselves in severe atmospheric phenomena, such as cyclones, hailstorms, hurricanes and even tornadoes.

Hailstorms are one of the hardest atmospheric phenomena to overcome

They are characterize by the fall of freezing water at temperatures below 0 °C. The hailstorm is an enemy to be fear, not only because of its ice stones. But also because of the wind that accompanies it and the high possibility of it being crushing for the roofs and ceilings of houses. Damage to the countryside and agricultural fields is also inevitable if a hailstorm is unleash.  In addition to destroying houses and agricultural fields, hailstorms can also lead to economic losses. This happens if one considers the cost of the constant reappearances that have to be made to the roofs of houses. The cost of damage to agriculture and industry is also increase by hailstorms.

Hailstorms also bring periods of heavy frost, which brings chaos to the livestock sector of the country. If animals are not provided with the right environment to keep them warm. They not only suffer from the cold, but have a high chance of dying. This is directly related to the economic dimension of the Mexican population.

The increase of hailstorms due to extreme weather in Mexico has been a point where the government has not been able to take efficient measures to counteract the ongoing environmental problems and climate changes. This has caused great economic losses due to damages in the livestock and melon sector. In addition to the destruction of houses and agricultural fields. We need to be aware of the amount of hailstorms that are occurring in order to take action. Otherwise, we will only continue to see alarming increases in hailstorms and rainfall in Mexico due to the increasingly extreme weather

anti hail net after a hailstorm
The increase of hailstorms in Mexico has been a point where the government has not been able to take efficient measures to counteract the constant environmental problems.

Hailstorms is a cause of extreme weather problems in Mexico

Extreme weather problems have become a reality for many people in Mexico. This has become evident through the changes being made to the climate. Which have led to a series of extreme weather patterns. One of which is hail, which has affected the economic, social and cultural well-being of many people and communities in the country.

In its crudest form, hail occurs when water evaporating from the sea, rivers or streams freezes due to extreme temperatures. These temperatures, along with winds and clouds in the sky, contribute to the process of hail formation. Hail is usually accompanied by strong winds and thunderstorms. These climatic characteristics can lead to damage to property, personal injuries, interruption of electricity, communication and internet services, temporary displacement of people from their homes. Impact on agricultural and livestock production. As well as impact on tourism and business activities.

Concern for the increase of hail in Mexico has increased both in space and time. This is due to the accumulation of drought cycles, grassland fires and forest fires during the last few years. Which have led to a great imbalance in the environment. This situation has been aggravated by the high temperatures in the country, which frequently exceed 30 degrees Celsius. These conditions contribute to the hot air becoming unstable, which facilitates the process of hail formation.

Hailstorms has also become more common because of climate change and its impact on global warming

Some experts claim that global temperatures are one of the main causes of hail-related weather phenomena. This means that rising temperatures can directly affect ice formation, which increases both the amount and intensity of hail.

In the midst of the storm, Mexican citizens also take measures to protect their material goods, as well as to avoid personal injury. These actions include storing food in safe places and sheltering inside homes or buildings. However, these measures are not always sufficient and are useless when outdoor temperatures are extreme.

To reduce the incidence of hail and climate imbalance in Mexico, the government has implemented policies to combat climate change. These policies include saving energy, using renewable energy, reducing waste, and developing socioeconomic projects to contribute to sustainability. These actions seek to ensure that the inhabitants of Mexico are able to cope with extreme weather events, such as hail.

While hail has caused damage to many people in Mexico due to extreme weather problems, it has also served as a reminder of the need for an action plan to combat global warming. Taking real action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adopting the use of clean energy and respecting the environment will have a positive impact on the prevention of extreme weather problems. In this way, the citizens of Mexico will have more tools to cope with hail and other extreme weather events.

hail mesh installed in a field
Hail has caused damage in Mexico due to extreme weather problems, it is also important to remember the need for an action plan to combat global warming.

What savings are generate by the use of anti-hail netting in agriculture in Mexico?

Agricultural production in Mexico is one of the most important economic sectors and one of the main responsible for the generation of jobs in the country. This is due to the fact that there are many products that are sow and cultivate in the national territory, which are fundamental not only for feeding Mexicans. But also for the commercialization of products at an international level.

One of the main problems faced by farmers in Mexico are the effects of hail, there are many areas where this adversity occurs and many farmers need to opt for a solution that allows them to avoid or reduce the damage caused by hail.

One less impediment to take into account is the savings generate by using anti-hail netting. This mesh is characterize by protecting crops without compromising the farmer’s health. These are made with a very durable resistant material that allows the weed to resist excessive deterioration without the need to constantly change it. Besides allowing the product to grow optimally without being in contact with the mesh.

The savings generated by the use of this material are very varied. There is no need to spend a lot of money buying the netting. Since it is made of a very low-cost material. In addition, the fact of not having to change it very often contributes to the economy and, obviously. You will not have to spend a lot of money to repair hail damage to crops.

This way of protecting the products is also very favorable for the environment

This netting does not affect the passage of wind, water or other elements that can be beneficial to the soil. This netting is only for crop protection and does not affect nature. It is an environmentally friendly material, something that must be take into account when choosing a form of protection.

A great factor to take into account is that farmers who use this mesh have the necessary peace of mind to devote themselves to other activities. As they are protect from hail damage. And, as mentioned before, the savings generated by this solution are varied, from money to time.

In conclusion, the use of anti-hail netting for crop protection is an increasingly popular option among Mexican farmers. This is due to the resistance of the raw material with which it is manufacture. The low acquisition cost and the various savings it generates by not needing costly repairs or having to replace the netting frequently. This makes it an increasingly recommended alternative when it comes to protecting agricultural products and avoiding the effects of hail.

large amount of hailstones in anti hail mesh
The use of anti-hail netting for crop protection is an increasingly popular choice among farmers due to the strength of the raw material from which the netting is made.

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